Focus on developing customized formulations of fastening technology

100% Made in Taiwan

Passed  ISO 9001 international quality certification


In order to meet customers' demand for quality, high quality and high reliability, and to ensure stable product quality and efficient delivery, FILROX insists that all solid products are 100% manufactured, manufactured and inspected in Taiwan, mastering all processes and providing exquisite Products and perfect service.

Taiwan's most professional development and manufacturing suppliers


Manufacturing is a step-by-step industry, hard but solid. Since our first Hollow rivet was manufactured in 1975, followed by blind rivets, rivet nuts, rivet screws, special screws etc...series of fasteners, For more than 40 years, FILROX have continuously improved on technology and the quality of our products, FILROX not only have the most precise and advanced High-Tech Multi-Process Cold Header equipment production line, from 1-die-2-blow to 6-die-6-blow,  and Automatic Thread Tapping Lines, blind rivets combination machine, and the automatic sieving machine …etc. complete ready productive capacity, significantly increment provide the customer with product shapes, sizes to design diverse sex of development, hugely tapping capacity, can also match with customer's need flexibility to adjust a degree of production.


It has also introduced the international quality ISO management system, passed the ISO 9001  quality certification, and carefully listened to the needs of partners around the world, constantly improving, and establishing high-quality, consistent high-standard production processes and services and the ability to respond quickly to the market. Huilu Industry has moved towards a diversified company integrating manufacturing and sales.


Taiwan fastener industry leading brand


 Why choose FILROX

.Strong synergistic development capabilities and process capabilities.

.Provides development solutions for the full process integration manufacturing of fastening fasteners.

With a small variety and flexible manufacturing, it can quickly respond to customer needs.

.Passed ISO 9001 and IATF16949 car rules international quality certification.

It has the ability to shorten the fastener development cycle and reduce manufacturing costs.


The elite work team cultivated by FILROX specializes in the art of craftsmanship using cold forging. For the professional needs of various industrial fields, OEM/ODM develops fastener hardware products of various materials such as stainless steel, iron, aluminum and copper. With years of research, design and development experience, Huilu Industry FILROX has gradually become one of the leading brands in the fastener industry in Taiwan. The products are sold to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and other five continents; The industry will continue to strengthen the depth and breadth of high-quality solid hardware manufacturing technology with a rich experience of R & D team, complete advanced equipment, strict production control process, and hope to become an international all-round fastener hardware supplier.


Main products 

Rivet Nuts Series 

It offers a full range of pull-up products with smooth surface/silk flower/tetragonal/full hexagon/half-hexagon type, countersunk head/flat head/large flange/small flange, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel material, etc

Bolt Rivet Nuts Series

We provide high torque and strong threads in comparing with normal fasteners, and, the welding process isn`t required in installing bolt(screw) rivet nut, which is able to reduce assembling time, improve output and provide a strong binding support on combined applications.

Blind Rivets Series 

Customized offer an open end/ Closed End/Peel/ Anlock/ Multi-Girp type aluminum-irons, iron-clean, stainless steel-clean and stainless steel-iron of a variety of patterns …etc. material series blind rivets product.

Pin/Semi-tubular/empty rivet Series

Rivet series products include Empty rivets, Multi-stage-formed empty Rivets, Stainless-steel Semi tubular Rivets, Multi-stage-formed Trilocular-thread Screws, Multi-stage-formed Screws, Multi-stage-formed Electronic Screws, Standard Screws etc.


Binding post / Chicago serew 

Chicago (Male and Female) Screw Post Set / Binder Screw is the male and female sets are a combination of a semi-tubular lock nut (female screw) and a solid male screw. It is commonly used in stationery, hand tool, knives and on leather goods or workpieces that require both sides to be aesthetically pleasing.

Special screw series
CNC turning / Press parts series 

Special custom-made screws are specially customized screw products for customers' requirements.

Like the cnc turning and press parts, the type / material / surface treatment is developed and processed according to the customer's drawing or sample.



The Blind rivet/rivet nut/Chicago screw/Semi-tubular rivet/special screw …etc fasteners in a wide range of applications,  from auto and motorcycle industry, electrical appliance, electronic industry,make the shoes industries, furniture industry and machine construction industry, toy industry and knife to have an industry …etc.